Getting counseling: where do I start????


The internet, the television, and news sources in general have exploded recently with situations that get us asking the question, “Why didn’t that person get some help?” For most of us, the incidents that drive us to ask for help or counseling for our marriages, our kids or ourselves are not nearly that dramatic. For most of us, we may have a little voice in the back of our head asking “Should I/we get some help?” that we ignore for too long. In my work with couples I often hear the tiny voice in my own head asking, “Why didn’t they get help sooner?” But exactly what is help and how do we go about getting it?

In this age of Health Care Reform, things are changing fast. One constant is that most insurances cover counseling/mental health in one form or another. There are many avenues to “help” that are available if you just know where to look. Your company’s EAP (Employee Assistance Program) may be a great place to start. Mental Health America has an online screening tool ( that can assist you in figuring out if alcohol, anxiety or depression are a problem for you. Northshore Clinic, LLC has experienced therapists that can assist with a variety of problems faced by most of us at one time or another, whether it’s personally, a problem at work, or a problem with a relationship. For those with insurance, we investigate your coverage and bill accordingly. We also offer a sliding fee scale based on income and # of people in your family.