Drug/Alcohol Education Group

We are pleased to announce that one of our AODA counselors, Mike Hyduke, is offering a 5 evening series for families and friends of those suffering from alcohol or drug use and abuse. Mike has a wealth of experience and training in this area. He is not only a Licensed Clinical Social Worker but has several certifications in the area of treating and assessing alcohol and drug issues. Attendees will learn how drugs and alcohol affect the brain, the progression of the disease, its effect on the loved ones of the abuser, what treatment is and how it works. The group will meet on Wednesday nights from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm at Northshore Clinic, 805 N 6th St in Sheboygan beginning August 30th. Members may join at any time as each meeting covers a specific topic and will roll over at the completion of the series. The cost of the group is $10 per person per night with payment due upon arrival. Teenagers older than 15 are allowed but must be accompanied by an adult. Please call 920-457-8866 to register.


Answering questions about meditation and “mindfulness”


Meditation practice and “mindfulness” have received a lot of attention in recent research and therapy circles. The ability to slow down and focus attention can benefit us in multiple ways – both physically and emotionally. Is it a result of our overscheduled and tech-addled lifestyles that we’ve lost touch with ways to quiet the mind? A recent article in the New York Times explored recent research that suggests individuals who learn meditation techniques are more likely to help others who are suffering. In the study, individuals were either assigned to a six week class to learn meditation/mindfulness strategies or to a “wait list” control group. When faced with a stranger who was on crutches and in need of a seat, 50% of the meditator group were willing to give up their seat, only 16% of the non-meditator group were. Although a small study, it points to the possible outcome that learning meditation strategies may make us; a) pay more attention to others, and/or b) feel more connected to others and therefore willing to help. Link to the full article:  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/07/opinion/sunday/the-morality-of-meditation.html?_r=0

There are several therapists at Northshore clinic who can teach mindfulness and mediation strategies. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us!

Getting counseling: where do I start????


The internet, the television, and news sources in general have exploded recently with situations that get us asking the question, “Why didn’t that person get some help?” For most of us, the incidents that drive us to ask for help or counseling for our marriages, our kids or ourselves are not nearly that dramatic. For most of us, we may have a little voice in the back of our head asking “Should I/we get some help?” that we ignore for too long. In my work with couples I often hear the tiny voice in my own head asking, “Why didn’t they get help sooner?” But exactly what is help and how do we go about getting it?

In this age of Health Care Reform, things are changing fast. One constant is that most insurances cover counseling/mental health in one form or another. There are many avenues to “help” that are available if you just know where to look. Your company’s EAP (Employee Assistance Program) may be a great place to start. Mental Health America has an online screening tool (http://www.mentalhealthscreening.org/screening/MHASHEBOYGAN) that can assist you in figuring out if alcohol, anxiety or depression are a problem for you. Northshore Clinic, LLC has experienced therapists that can assist with a variety of problems faced by most of us at one time or another, whether it’s personally, a problem at work, or a problem with a relationship. For those with insurance, we investigate your coverage and bill accordingly. We also offer a sliding fee scale based on income and # of people in your family.

We’ve Arrived!

ribbon_cutting_optimized-1Lots of changes here at Northshore Clinic in the last few months. In December of 2012, Sue Balog retired and Patti Brinkman and Lori Dielentheis took over the reins. They purchased a building to house the Clinic, renovated it over the course of a few months and on January 2, 2013, the doors opened at Northshore Clinic, LLC. On April 25, 2013, we held a ribbon cutting to officially welcome the community to our new facility. Our staff is ready to serve you and your family’s counseling needs. Give us a call.